Update to post on Council hearing for ONI name change

We received this late-breaking news from Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk, regarding a motion by Commissioner Eudaly to change the ONI name, as we discussed in a blog post several days ago.  Testimony  WILL be heard on this motion, according to Karla:

The Commissioner will make her motion after the morning Time Certains which should be around 11:00. Her motion will be to hear the ONI name change ordinance to the end of the regular morning agenda which should be around 12:00-12:20 if we’re running on time.

Karla Moore-Love |Council Clerk
Office of the City Auditor |City Hall Rm 130

3 Replies to “Update to post on Council hearing for ONI name change”

  1. I hope this is not an attempt to do an end run around the very neighborhood associations and citizens that are supposed to be ONI clients. And to shut down public testimony and public involvement on the way the city does… public involvement!

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